Effective Expired Campaign Part 2

4 Key Steps to an Effective Expired Campaign (2)

1. The Action Plan.

Studies show that Expired and Withdrawn listings will “re–list within 14 days of going off the market. That tells us that you must contact them early and often within 14 days. Your Action Plan should consist of

 - Phone Calls

 - Postcards

 - Booklets

 - Free Offers

 - Periodic visits

2. A list of Expired and Withdrawn Listings.

In most MLS systems, you can program the MLS to notify you of any and all expired and withdrawn listings as soon as the computers are updated. This notification needs to be daily. Why? Because you will probably have daily expired and withdrawn listings in any and all areas!

Remember, 15 to 25 percent of ALL listings will not sell during the initial listing period! Depending upon your area that can become a huge number of potential listings for you!

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