What are the best ways to promote my home?

To be really good at this you sort of have to think like a Kardashian – or if that’s too big of a leap, insert any pseudo-celebrity that seems to always be in the spotlight. The goal is exposure, and lots of it. Marketers say that people, on average, have to see something a minimum of seven times before they consider taking action. Whether there’s anything magical about the number seven or not, it makes sense. You want to make sure your audience sees your home in all the places they’re looking.

And, where are they looking? See for yourself:

  • Online. No surprise there. But it may surprise you how many different online sites are now available to promote your home. From Zillow to Trulia, Redfin to, add to that all the local and independent realty sites, then top it with Google keyword search terms, and online marketing can be as overwhelming as cleaning out your garage after a long winter. But hey, the Kardashians...

How Do I Select The Right Open House?

The way to choose an Open House is to do a little research first – you should be aware of what neighborhood is selling quicker than others and above the overall market average and, what neighborhood is at or just below your market average home price. That is where and what you need for the perfect Open House.

You might also go to our website and request our free product called the 21 Ways To A Productive Open House or request our free Agent Business Plan which also has the Open House system contained in it.

The next step is to see who in your office has a listing that matches those criteria if you don’t already have one yourself. Once you have found that listing, ask the listing agent if you can hold an open house for them. They are going to say Yes for a couple of reasons: 1) they don’t want to do it .. and 2) it will make them look good for their clients.



Additional Statistics You Should Know . . .

Now that you are the statistics and market expert (and, you are one of the few) it’s time to add some additional knowledge.

In addition to the neighborhood statistics – add the following to your repertoire of information.

 - Key Features of each competitive listing

 - Prices and time on the market for each competitive listing

 - The “Pros and Cons of each competitive listing

How does this help? When you get to the pricing issue, you will have first hand knowledge to compare their home with all of the competition.



More about Market Knowledge . . .

Let me ask a question – “Where do you find this information?”

 - Numbers of homes that sell each month?

 - The average selling prices?

 - The sale price to listing price ratio?

 - The average days on market?

 - The absorption rate?

 - And the number of homes listed each month?

In most areas this information is readily available from the MLS, the local broker reports or even in our office information center. Your next step is to find those charts and statistics and internalize that information. Simply by increasing your market knowledge – you will increase your confidence!



Let’s Talk About Market Knowledge . . .

Start by taking a walk around your office and ask different agents some of the following questions:

 - What are the numbers of homes that sell each month?

 - What is the average selling price?

 - What is the sale price to listing price ratio?

 - Do you know the average days on market?

 - Do you know how many months of inventory are on the market – known as the absorption rate?

 - What is the number of homes listed each month?

Do you know what? First, you’ll be amazed at how many agents don’t know these statistics. Second, you could market these questions to potential sellers as qualifying questions to any agent before hiring them!!! You–ll be one of the few who know the answers!



The Best Form of Marketing

What is the best form of marketing yourself to sellers?

The final “Tip” in Listing Strategies can be expressed through the truthful reporting of your results as expressed by one of your clients.

Notice that I didn’t say “Telling the seller that you are a 100 million dollar producer, they don’t care.”

They want to hear and see are actual, measurable results from specific clients.

Present testimonials at your listing presentation and even encourage the sellers to contact some of your past clients directly.



Listing Presentation Retention

Is it important that the seller retains what you are presenting to them in the listing presentation?

Of course it is.

Here are some statistics to keep in mind when you are going to a listing presentation.

What we retain after 3 days:

 - 5% of what we hear

 - 15% of what we see

 - 65% of what we hear and see

What does this tell you about what’s important in your listing presentation.



Listing Presentation Step 14

Step 14 of the listing presentation.

Explain to the seller what happens next, all the way through to closing.

Pretty simple in theory, but a time that you must use to make them aware of everything that goes on during the marketing and sale process; and everything you could think of that might not go right!

First, lets focus on the initial steps of marketing the house.  You will want to create a checklist to use that provides these steps.  Here are some examples:

 - When does the sign go up?

 - When is the first ad submitted and where?

 - When will photography be completed?

 - When will the property go into MLS?

 - When will the key-box be installed?

 - How often you will communicate with them?


Listing Presentation Step 13

Step 13 of the listing presentation:

Close and get the listing signed.

At this point in the listing presentation you get to find out one thing, how good your listing presentation was.

If the seller stalls, or objects over commissions, there’s only one reason, you didn’t make a strong presentation or present enough value to cause them to take action and list with you.

Now what?

Go back and review all the features and benefits that you presented and ask them a simple question, “What part of my marketing plan do you feel won’t get you the maximum exposure to the greatest pool of buyers?”

Don’t go into your “But I’m the best” commentary.  Go right to the truth. Truth lies in the value they see or don’t see in you.


Listing Presentation Step 12

Step 12 of the listing presentation.

Pricing Strategy.

Who sets the price of a home when you list it?  The Seller! Don’t fall into the pricing trap. Here’s your pricing strategy conversation that will place responsibility back on the decision makers shoulders!

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, as I shared with you earlier, my job is to take your home to market and test the market through my marketing efforts.  Periodically I am going to deliver back to you the results of that test. I will provide you a current update of the marketplace and you will decide if we need to change our strategy.  Mr. and Mrs. Seller, the market is the message and I am the messenger

Will that get the decision of “price” right off your back?