How Do I Select The Right Open House?

The way to choose an Open House is to do a little research first – you should be aware of what neighborhood is selling quicker than others and above the overall market average and, what neighborhood is at or just below your market average home price. That is where and what you need for the perfect Open House.

You might also go to our website and request our free product called the 21 Ways To A Productive Open House or request our free Agent Business Plan which also has the Open House system contained in it.

The next step is to see who in your office has a listing that matches those criteria if you don’t already have one yourself. Once you have found that listing, ask the listing agent if you can hold an open house for them. They are going to say Yes for a couple of reasons: 1) they don’t want to do it .. and 2) it will make them look good for their clients.


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