Why do we want take more listings?

Why do we want take more listings?  Think of the following benefits.

 - Schedule Management:  You can work with a buyer for hours, days and even months, and never get a sale.  When you are working with buyers, you are working for all the other agents in your marketplace trying to sell their listings.  When you work with sellers, all of the agents in your marketplace are working for you. Which one seems more productive to you?

 - Self Marketing:  When you work with a buyer and sell them a home in a neighborhood, does everyone on the street know that you sold that home?  How about if you take a listing, you sell it and put a sold sign on that property? Does everyone in the neighborhood know that you sold that home?

 - You Don’t Have to Be There:  You can only sell a buyer a home when they are in your car and going in and out of houses.  You can be in another country on vacation and sell a listing.

 - Build Your Business:  A listing will generate buyer calls, you can mail out just listed and just sold postcards, you can hold open house to attract buyers and potential listings….pretty simple, a sign in the yard is one of the best forms of advertising yourself.

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