Features vs. Benefits Cont.

A feature is what you have or do; the benefit is what the customer is going to experience! Or it could be the result from any particular feature.

Here’s a look at a couple of basic features and benefits for you to use in your listing presentation.

Feature:  Great Technology

Benefit:  A huge percentage of home buyers are starting their initial home search on the internet.  I will capture numerous buyers that are starting their home search through our numerous on-line marketing initiatives.  In addition, internet leads have a long incubation process from initial contact to the time they make a buying decision.  Follow-up with these future buyers is critical and I’m able to do so with my drip email campaign that keeps them abreast of the current marketplace and inventory.

Feature:  The Best Marketing

Benefit:  Our marketing is focused to attract the highest number of buyers to expose your home to.  I do this by targeting our efforts towards results proven marketing strategies such as my mailing program that provides up to date market data to the consumer, building my credibility in the marketplace as the information portal for all real estate dealings.


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