Elements of a Productive Listing Presentation

First, have you prequalified the Sellers for their motivation?  Do they have your packet of information and comparables? What is your system that you follow when you arrive for the listing presentation?  How long is your presentation?

Here are the 14 productive elements to a great listing presentation.

 - Show up on time

 - Dress professionally

 - Have a clipboard and note pad in hand

 - Walk around the outside of the house taking notes

 - Walk around the inside of the house taking notes

 - Choose a spot to present.  The kitchen table or the dining room table.

 - Ask the number one question.  (Sellers expectation of you as their agent)

 - Write down all the answers the seller gives you.

 - Restate and clarify the answers you receive.

 - Ask the seller what they feel your job is?

 - Present your value proposition based on the expectations of the seller.

 - Pricing strategy

 - Close and get the listing signed.

 - Explain to the seller what happens next, all the way through to closing

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