Listing Presentation Steps 1-5

The first FIVE STEPS of the listing presentation

1. Show up on time:  As simple as it seems, I’m amazed at how many times an agent shows up late for a listing presentation.

2. Dress professionally.  It’s absolutely amazing that people have “built-in” expectations of whom they want to represent them “and” what they look like!  A shirt and tie or dressy dress will do more than you think!

3. Have a clipboard and notepad in hand:  When you go to the doctor, you are asked questions and he writes down the answers.  When you go to an attorney, he asks you questions and writes down the answers. This is a simple process of demonstrating your professionalism and that you are focused on every feature of the property.

4. Walk around the outside of the house taking notes:  Tour the outside of the home noticing any features that are critical to the marketing process and write down anything that may be of concern or that you have questions about.

5. Walk around the inside of the house taking notes:  Do not ask the seller to tour you through the house as if they were trying to sell it to you.  That strategy will create the 3 hour tour and 30 minute listing presentation. Simply walk from room-to-room asking questions and taking notes.

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