Listing Presentation Steps 6-8

Steps 6 – 8 of the listing presentation.

1. Choose a spot to present:  Give the sellers two options, the kitchen table or the dining room table.   This is a business meeting and you are dealing with what is typically their largest investment. Do NOT sit directly across from the sellers.  This is a confrontational position and you may lose the listing before you even start the presentation. Sit at the head of the table with the sellers positioned to your right or left.  This is a collaborative position.

2. You begin by asking the number one question:  You need to find out what is important to the sellers, not focus on what’s important for you to tell them.  Let them tell you where you need to go in the presentation. The number one question is this :  “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, what are your expectations of a real estate agent?”  Don’t make the big mistake of the worst opening line in the industry:  “Let me show or tell you how I work!”

3. Write down all the answers the seller gives you:  You want them to know that you are paying close attention.  They want to feel important. Most important, the answers will tell you where you need to go in the listing presentation and what is most critical to them in choosing a real estate agent.

One question you might ask the seller before moving forward:  “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, if I show you that we can deliver on all of your expectations, will you allow me to market your home?”


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