Listing Presentation Step 11

Step 11 of the listing presentation.

Present your value proposition based on the expectations of the seller:

The seller has told you what is important to them and what their expectations are of a real estate agent.

Now it’s time to verbalize your value proposition.  There are two critical areas to focus your presentation, maximum exposure of their home and your skills.

Maximum Exposure:  Start by going right down the list of each of their expectations.  Clearly articulate the features and benefits that you offer for the specific want or need of the seller until you gain agreement.  Your final question before you move to the next expectation, “Would you agree that this will get your home the maximum exposure to the biggest pool of buyers?”   What if they have expectations of you that are not a part of your marketing program?

Skills:  What are the skills that you bring to the business relationship?

 - Marketing Expertise

 - Market Knowledge

 - Negotiating Skills

 - Home Enhancement Skills

Communicate the benefits of your skills very clearly and gain approval from the seller before moving forward.

You have now verbalized your value proposition and have agreement with the seller.  But, what about expectations the seller has that aren’t included in your marketing plan?


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