Negotiating skills

“You know the market, you know how to market and you’re a great negotiator.”

But how are you at verbalizing your negotiating skills?

(Example, Step One – Negotiating Skills):

“Mr. and Mrs. Seller, in your opinion, who do you feel the primary person is that I negotiate with when getting your home sold?”

The typical answer you will get is “The Buyer”.

“Mr. and Mrs. Seller, the most important person I will negotiate with (if it’s not your buyer for your listing) is the buyer’s agent.  The buyer’s agent has a relationship of trust with your potential buyer and it’s important that I recognize and respect that. They have hired the agent to handle all of their dealings in good faith.”

“Regardless of the price that is offered or level of experience the buyer’s agent has, I will work professionally with that agent to create a win-win situation so that we can get your home sold”

“When we get the offer, we will review it and counter back with a fair price based on current market conditions.  I will also send a cover letter to the buyer’s agent acknowledging our appreciation for the offer, the hard work the agent has done to bring us the offer, and an explanation of our counter-offer with supporting documentation.”


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