Marketing Skills

How are you verbalizing your marketing skills?

(Example Step 2, – Marketing Skills):

“Mr. and Mrs. Seller, marketing your home is defined by using cost-effective, results proven strategies to get your home sold….Maximum exposure to the greatest number of potential buyers…. What are your expectations of me in marketing your home?”

Sure, you have all the great marketing strategies and tactics to get a home sold, but isn’t it important to find out the expectations of your prospect so that you are on the same page!

The seller will share with you their expectations and you will write them down.

Restate what they have shared with you for clarity and to show that you are listening and ask why each one is important to them.

Then move into your marketing plan, clearly articulating each action step that you are going to take and when you are going to take the action.  Use a calendaring system to let all parties know what’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen.

After you have presented your marketing plan, you will need to ask them one question, “Does this look like a marketing plan that can get you maximum exposure to the greatest number of buyers?”


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