The Business “Long Tail” Concept Part 3

The Business “Long Tail” Concept Part 3

You are in the best position to capitalize on local market knowledge, but are you doing the best job at capitalizing on this knowledge online?

You know what local buyers and sellers are searching for (in real time! Showing a customer is the most up–to–date search result and one that has immediate feedback capabilities....something rarely accomplished on a computer).

In the world of real estate online lead generation, the most obvious worst offender of this principle is offering website visitors the ubiquitous “Search the MLS” or “Property Search” as the defining features of your website. Some agents have “Search by Map” prominently featured but pretty much EVERY website offers it.

In other words most agents are trying to compete with and all the other real estate websites by offering infinitely less data and capabilities.

Offering people and online consumers ‘the same but less’ is not a sustainable business model.


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