The Business “Long Tail” Concept Part 4

The Business “Long Tail” Concept Part 4

Grab the market by The Long Tail. Focus your efforts on niches so that:

1. They have a better chance of being found and noticed

2. That they have a better chance at being relevant to some people (a specific market) vs. not relevant to anyone (the whole market).

And this has important implications in all your online marketing as well.

“Search Homes for Sale” ⁄ “Property Search”

99.9% of agents allow online consumers to search for “Homes for Sale” with the main segmentation being “My Listings” sometimes euphemistically entitled “Featured Listings.”

To the online consumer this looks and feels like “every other agent and website” on the Internet. When the people start thinking you are like “everyone else on the Internet” that is not a good thing. In addition, they can go to one of over dozens of real estate websites and search every location in the country.

You are trying to complete with websites that have millions of dollars to spend in marketing and advertising.


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