The Business “Long Tail” Concept Part 6

The Business “Long Tail” Concept Part 6

Property Subtypes are also a great niche to market and let people One Click Search. Easier, Faster and More Relevant is Always Better

Put yourself in the online consumer shoes. Let’s imagine “you” are interested in buying a property in Crow Canyon Country Club. Are you more likely to click on a link for Crow Canyon Country Club or Search the MLS? Or that you are interested in Waterfront or View Homes . . . would you more likely click on Waterfront and View Homes or Property Search?

The beautiful thing about allowing people to One Click Search niche markets is that on the one hand you are giving people that want this information, the information they want upfront, fast and easy. And secondly, you are not turning off “everyone else” who just wants to search your general MLS listings.

If people have to search your website or click too much to “hopefully get” what they are looking for, then you are going to lose a lot of lead generation opportunities.


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